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A quality lead who’s looking to hire someone with your skills. Even better, just knowing that clients are coming steady and often means less worrying about dry spells and more focus on great work. It means you have a never ending supply of leads to follow up with when you need the work. Groovy right?

Less time trawling job boards, searching for that next big project. Instead we will send you curated leads who all have projects that need completed. What will you do with all your new free time? Complete more work, spend more time with family or even relax? (A world in which freelancers can relax – that’s our goal!)

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We currently offer leads for Web Designers & Developers, iOS & Android Developers and Copywriters.

What our users are saying

Feedback from freelancers using FreelanceLeads

I have been using FreelanceLeads for 3 months (since Beta) and just scored a 5 figure project from one of the leads provided. The lead actually had a smaller project that I completed first and then they offered me a huge one! That project alone has more than made up for the cost of FreelanceLeads. I will be depending on FreelanceLeads for all my work from now on!

Lisa RuddockWeb Developer

I have only been using FreelanceLeads for a month now, but the quality of leads has been really very good. I have started 2 projects which have come from the leads sent to me (in the first month!). Finally I no longer have to worry about filling my work pipeline, I can let FreelanceLeads do it for me!

Mike LoganUI Designer

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  • No more famine! Fresh curated quality project leads every week.
  • High quality project leads.
  • We deliver a minimum of 15 curated leads to you a week (60 per month!).
  • No large upfront payments or cancellation fees. Simply pay month on month.
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No more famine

We’ll send you fresh curated quality project leads every week, so that you can choose your projects and fill up your work calendar.

High quality project leads

Leads are curated and selected for your skill-set, so you can stop trawling job boards for low paying jobs and put more time in to your work.

Minimum of 15 leads a week

We deliver a minimum of 15 curated leads to you a week. These are hand picked for your skill-set and vetted based on quality. As experienced freelancers ourselves, we know the project leads that have potential!

Earn your true value

We find project leads with real budgets for top freelancers, so you’re able to get paid more and worry less about bills.

Developed by freelancers

As experienced developers, we have been the full circle of project searching. From trawling job boards daily we know the pains of finding that next project. Let us make your life easier!

Cancel anytime

We are a monthly service, and you can cancel whenever (not that you will want too!). No large upfront payments or cancellation fees. Simply pay month on month.