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LIFT OFF, We have launched!

Today (after a long Beta), we have launched. Our waiting list has been building over the past few months and today our lucky early signups will get the chance to start using Freelance Leads. We anticipate to allow about 1 user a week to signup from our growing waiting list.

If you want to use Freelance Leads, we urge you to sign up to our waiting list as soon as possible.

At this stage we just want to thank all our users past and present for helping us get to this stage. We look forward to providing you awesome leads going forward!

Thanks – Freelance Leads Team.

We have a waiting list!

The first thing we want to address is why. Why have a waiting list?

In order for us to spend the time required for each of our users finding high quality leads, we need to limit our user base. This allows us that time for each user that we just wouldnt get if we had hundreds! If you are interested in using Freelance Leads, please sign up to the waiting list.

At the minute roughly 1 person per week is getting a chance from the waiting list. Once you sign up, we will keep you updated as to your position on that list.

When you get offered a place you will have 24hours to accept it, before we hand it on to someone else. We are currently keeping registered users at the 50 mark. For us this is the sweetspot, and dont see it increasing in the near future.

Merry Christmas to all our users!

We just wanted to take a few minutes to wish all our users an awesome Christmas and a Happy, festive New Year. Beta is embarking on its third week and the feedback has been fantastic. We are really on a journey to perfecting an incredibly useful tool for freelancers, all with your help.

Leads will continue to come in for those dedicated freelancers working over Christmas.

We look forward to 2017 and launching the platform to the public. Until then, have a great holiday break!

Beta – Whats next?

So you have just signed up to our Beta. Awesome! (If you haven’t yet, what are you waiting for? Click here and get involved!). Now you’re probably wondering, whats next?

We have a structured Beta program about to commence to make sure all our systems and processes are working as we expect before we go live. This will take place over the space of a month during which time YOU the tester will have free access to amazing project leads. What do we ask in return? That you simply alert us of any bugs or quirks you find (using our tech email which you will receive when Beta begins) and that when you land an awesome project, you also let us know!

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