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How to Raise Your Rates as a Freelancer

Obviously, the main benefit of raising your prices is that you get paid more per client.  Over time, as you gain more skill and experience, it makes perfect sense to consider raising your freelancing rates. No client expects you to keep your rates the same forever. As inflation sends prices higher, those effects also impact services. If you want to improve your income effectively, at some point you will need to raise your rates as a freelancer.

Setting freelance rates is a complicated business. It is even tougher to raise rates. This is why it can help to raise them on new clients and projects first. You may feel less rude when doing it with a new client, than someone you have been working with for years. Starting out with new clients and projects can give you a pretty good idea of what others are willing to pay for your expertise, and it can help you tweak your offerings to find out what value-added items clients are willing to pay for.

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5 marketing tips for freelancers

You are a freelancer, not a marketer, you probably already know that, but when you enter the universe of freelancing, you have to do a lot more than just your set projects. You are more than likely aware of just how vital marketing is by now, but incase you have been burying your head in the sand, or want to pick up some tips – here are some super simple things you can use to level up your marketing skills.

(1) Blog like a boss

How many times have you read a marketing guide, or even a freelancing guide which has told you to blog – a lot, right? You want to know why? IT WORKS, it really does. Of course there is the search optimization and SEO side of it, but there are many more reasons to turn your hand to the paper (or keyboard). If you blog more than once a month it lets your potential cliens know you are active. If someone visits your website and sees the last blog post was 2 years ago, they are going to think you’ve stopped freelancing. Even worse, if they see no blog, they might think you haven’t even started!

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Beta has started!

It’s an exciting day, Beta has started! As we speak emails are going out to selected users that have expressed interest in the Beta.

Beta is planned to last a month, and gives us a chance to fully test the system. It also lets us test the lead gathering systems and vetting processes we have in place. Intercom has been setup to provide easy interaction between the Beta testers and us to get quick feedback as they use Freelance Leads.

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5 Steps to Writing an Amazing Freelance Proposal (including Free Downloadable Template)

We provide you with great project leads, but whether you’re new to the game of freelancing or a long time experienced expert closing that lead and showing them you’re the best fit for the project is always a challenge.

Crafting an awesome freelance proposal that can show your skills and out gun your competitors is vital to winning projects and increasing your earnings as a freelancer.

If perfected, an awesome proposal will make leads want you for that next project. (Maybe even more than you want them!)

To get you started, we are giving away our AMAZING proven freelance proposal template for FREE.

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