Beta – Whats next?

So you have just signed up to our Beta. Awesome! (If you haven’t yet, what are you waiting for? Click here and get involved!). Now you’re probably wondering, whats next?

We have a structured Beta program about to commence to make sure all our systems and processes are working as we expect before we go live. This will take place over the space of a month during which time YOU the tester will have free access to amazing project leads. What do we ask in return? That you simply alert us of any bugs or quirks you find (using our tech email which you will receive when Beta begins) and that when you land an awesome project, you also let us know!

Beta is limited to 50 users for two reasons. Firstly its a Beta, so we don’t want to go crazy letting everyone in just yet. Secondly, when we go Live we will only be allowing 75 users at any time. This is because we want to provide quality leads and the only way to do this is to nurture each users feed and personally curate them. We cant do that if we have anymore than 75 users. Its about QUALITY not quantity!

When we go live we will also be offering our Beta testers first offering at signing up at a reduced rate (permanently) as a token of gesture.

Its going to be an exciting few months and we are glad you’re joining us for it! Keep an eye on your inbox as we will be alerting you of Beta starting shortly!

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